Recruitment via Prolific

The following assumes that you are familiar with how to operate experiments with Prolific.

Go to the Prolific website and create a new experiment. Make a note of the completion URL that is provided by Prolific.

Enter the completion URL in the field completionUrl when creating your experiment, as follows:

export default {
    // Either 'debug', 'directLink' or 'prolific'
    mode: 'Prolific',

    experimentId: 'INSERT_A_NUMBER',
    serverUrl: '',
    socketUrl: 'wss://',
    contactEmail: '',

    // this will be used in prolific mode
    completionUrl: '',

Use deploy method Prolific will take participants back to the Prolific website where they are supplied with their completion code.

The data from your experiment will not be stored by Prolific, but recorded by the magpie server app. Before launching the study on Prolific, double-check that the database on the back end is set up and the necessary information (experimentId, server URL) are set. Also do not forget to update a web-site version of your experiment so that it includes the correct information in completionUrl before running the study.