To create an experiment you will need Node.js and npm (usually comes together with your Node.js installation). Node.js is a runtime for JavaScript, a language that predominantly runs in the browser. Magpie is therefore also written in JavaScript. npm is a package manager for JavaScript and allows you to install projects and libraries on your computer.

Required are

  • Node.js v14.x or v16.x
  • npm v7 or v8

Creating a project

To create a new project, go to a directory of your choice and run

npx magpie-base@latest new "project-name"

magpie will create a new directory for you with a ready-to-run sample project.

Now, in that newly created directory you will need to install the dependencies for your project using

npm install

This will install all kinds of small libraries that magpie needs to run.

Running a development instance

To try out your project on your local machine, run

npm run serve

This runs a development instance of your project for testing. You can click on the link it provides, to open the project in your browser. Every time you make a change to your code, the browser view will automatically update to reflect your changes.

Building your project

To create a final build of your project that you can upload to a hoster like netlify, run

npm run build

This will put all necessary files for publishing into a folder called build.